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Vereine und IGs

Dies ist ein Service für Vereine und Interessengemeinschaften. In den Unterforen stellen sich die Vereine vor. In der Kapitäns Messe treffen sich die Vereinsvorstände unter Ausschluß der Öffentlichkeit


Any questions about this society "SchiffsModell.net e.V."? Here is the place to ask.

Why does this society exist?
Some time ago a group of ship modellers that had lost its virtual home twice decided to take away responsibiltiy for the community as well as control of server, domain, and software from a single person and assign it to more than one.
Therefore SchiffsModell.net e.V. was founded at June, 30th of 2009.
Our activities are related to operation of this newsgroup, a yearly user meeting, and participation on regional activities of other ship modelling groups. Since we operate  interregional you will only find part of our members on these  events.

Access to the following sub-areas is restricted to society members.

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